Rewriting the future


The world’s pensions are in turmoil. Our societies are getting older but the systems designed to support us into retirement are massively inefficient. 48% of the retirement aged population do not receive a pension, and the global retirement savings gap is expected to grow from $70 trillion in 2015 to $400 trillion by 2050. No solution to massive pensions deficit exists within this current system.


Akropolis are helping to rid the world of flawed pension funds with a new immutable and transparent smart-contract-based pension fund infrastructure that will dramatically change the way humanity thinks about saving and investing. Their goal is to harness blockchain and tokenization to create a new economically efficient system with minimum fee erosion.

We partnered with them to create a dashboard for industry professionals to manage funds on a large scale and a consumer-facing application for individuals to have complete control and realtime transparency for their personal pension investments.


Akropolis are on the right path to disrupt an entire industry. They have built up a large body of engaged investors and are bringing major players in the pension industry onboard with their plans. 2018/9 will be an exciting period as they continue to develop and grow before their public release.

As of May 2018, Akropolis now have 2,250 individual whitelist applications; over 11,000 members in their Telegram group and over $140,000,000 pledged to the project.