Creating better compositions


Great compositions are everywhere we look. From the big screen, to our mobile phones, there are great examples of creative people creating incredible shots. But how do they do it? It's more difficult than it should be to reverse engineer images to learn how a composition has been created but all the information we need is right there on the screen in front of us. Easy access to this information can help cinematographers to test and improve their own exposures as well as learn from other cinematographers.


Swissa Creative needed a tool that was easily accessible and able to provide them with fast false colour analysis of existing shots. By being able to easily analyse shots of a particular style, cinematographers would be able to try and mimic the false colour imagery in their own shots. This would allow them to essentially copy composition styling to create similar effects.


By providing false colour comparison and analysis information within a native mobile app, we were be able to create a much more cost-effective and easily accessible alternative to existing tools. Designing an unobtrusive UI environment that ensures the shot is always of primary focus means that cinematographers are now able to quickly visualise all the information they need, regardless of whether they're on set or on the move.