Planning your legacy


Succession made a name for itself providing high quality probate services, but their pool of new clients was drying up. They were facing strong competition from online services. Succession had the experience, a wealth of knowledge and a name people could trust but they had no consistent marketing output. We partnered with them to focus their efforts and develop a consistent digital strategy to win back market share from their online competitors.


Inspired by the probate specialists that worked for Succession, we harnessed their knowledge to create a knowledge hub. A place for people to learn about the probate process and to answer many common questions. We paired this hub with a simple, recognisable brand and a redesigned home page to guide potential clients towards their contact number.


Through their knowledge hub, Succession empowers people to make their own decisions about how to handle probate. For those who still need a little extra help, a specialist is just a phone call away. Succession’s client base is growing month on month and they are now looking to expand nationally.