Making payments simple


Millions of people across Southeast Asia don’t have access to a bank account or credit card. They are drastically underserved by financial institutions and so miss out on the opportunity to save for the future, to invest and to spend in the ways many people take for granted.

At the same time, mobile is starting to take over. Countries are beginning to move towards cashless systems. WeChat Pay and Alipay are fast becoming the standard payment methods in marketplaces, cafes and taxis. Fewer people are carrying cash and the competition is heating up to take control of the mobile payment market. The unbanked are being left behind.


Enter Vibo. Vibo was founded with the goal of making mobile payments easier for everyone. We partnered with them on their journey to bring the unbanked into this new, cashless world and develop a better, smoother payment experience for all. Using QR codes as a means to securely store and transfer funds, Vibo can scale fast and serve both those with access to traditional bank accounts and those without.

Their current application left users frustrated though. The app was a maze to navigate and core functions were slow and laborious to complete. The company was struggling to attract new users when their main competition – as well as older payment methods like scanning a card or handing over cash – were relatively instant and painless.

We scaled Vibo’s vision back to two key principles – sending and receiving money should be effortless. We redesigned their application to focus solely on these two functions. From here we would be able to grow an invested community of users and build out the application in the future.


Working with Vibo’s team in collaborative rapid design sprints, we produced a product that tested significantly better with users. With a new clear goal and a product with usability at the forefront, Vibo have begun development on their application with far greater optimism about their chances of adoption.